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Rethink language learning

Webinar recording with:

-Teresa Tinsley, language education
-John Hernandez, head teacher, Norlington School for Boys

Teresa is one of the UK's leading language education experts and has conducted research studies for both the British Academy and CfBT Education Trust. She is also the author of the recently published Languages: State of the Nation report.

Together with John Hernandez, head teacher at Norlington School for Boys, Teresa discussed the importance of language skills for students' employability. John shared insight into creative solutions that can help increase the scope of language programmes alongside some of the challenges he has been facing.

This webinar recording covers:

  • The importance of foreign language skills for UK students
  • The impact of language capabilities on employability
  • Creative and cost-effective solutions to expand schools' language programmes
  • Practical tips on how to overcome some of the challenges schools and academies are facing

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